Thursday, September 15, 2005

A period of mourning.

As you may notice, it has been quite some time since my last post. I have been observing a period of silence in honor of the passing of my fellow packmember. Today's post is written in his memoriam. He told me many a story on those long days we spent together guarding the house while the humans were away.

Walker's Bluebacca (aka Blue) August 2, 1992 to August 20, 2005

Born a wee blue merle Australian Shepherd in Ohio, he travelled to live in an apartment near Lake Erie. There he grew up and blessed the home with many a dog hair and a few tinklings (especially on the Christmas tree).

He holds the record for the most number of times pooping in one day (13 times, can you believe it?). He had the unfortunate experience of developing carsickness on long trips. An expert digger, he made very large holes in the yard. He was also known for eating carpet, something I may try myself.

In his younger days he was pretty daring. Once he jumped right into the frozen water when walking near the bay. He liked the water and would go in on any occasion.

Then there was that time he worried the humans to the point of taking him to the vet.....only to discover that he had nothing more than a hairball. That was the $500 hairball. Next time they skipped the barium and went right to the Petromalt.

My humans were very sad to see him go and I am also. I never like to see my humans sad (annoyed with me, yes......but not sad).

Goodbye, Blue.....our herder, fellow guardian and despiser of wolfhounds. You were loved and you will be missed. I will endeavor to keep our humans safe until we meet again.


sarahhill3362 said...
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