Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The toad menace continues...

Now that we have had some warm weather, it is getting to be toad season. I have encountered a few small frogs already (they are harmless of course) and the dangerous toad invaders should be close behind.

A reader sent me this link:

Those of you who doubted me about the dastardly doings of these amphibian anarchists need to do a little more mind-changing research (those who are not familiar with the problem should read through my entire blog in chronological order, i.e. backwards from how it appears).

Oh, and my agent is uploading some new portraits of me to the gallery.

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ulle said...

Dear Bart,
Nene asked me to tell you that she is currently reading/eating a book about poisonous animals and there is A LOT of toads in it.

In this book horses and pheasants are not included so she wants to add that the book may not be entirely reliable, but anyway.
/Nenes secretary