Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Photo of Me

There is a new, excellent photo of moi on the emdaa.com website (small version at left). This was taken after my group placement and clearly shows why the Estrela is the king of all breeds. Go browse the gallery on www.emdda.com.

None of the other pictures my humans took are worthy or up to my standards. Next time I will get a professional photographer who knows something about photographing real beauty. Know any?

Now I must get back to my vertical blind chewing.



Andy, the 1st said...

Your Eminence, Bart....
I can scarcely believe that I, a mere human, have been allowed contact with your highness. Indeed, I am privileged; I was trembling just viewing your picture. But, surely you are used to such responses from humans and canines, alike...for there is no Estrela in the world who comes near to you in handsomeness and dignity. Please ask your agents to refer to you as "the hunk", "the handsomest", or "the manliness"; rather than "beautiful. To me, beauty implies "femininity", but you are the manliest of all the Estrelas.
I remain, your servant,

Champion Bart the Estrela Prince said...

I will be more careful in the future to leave out any potentially feminine or diminutive adjectives when referring to Mr. Champion Bart :-)