Monday, August 01, 2005

It was a bonanza, but I missed it

The other night something wonderful almost happened.

You see, our dog food is kept in some plastic bins that are stacked in the kitchen. Being plastic, they are not exceptionally strong, which has already proven advantageous to moi -- the bottom bin has been warped a bit by the weight of the bins on top of it, so that the door doesn't shut tightly, allowing free snacking. The humans for some reason actually put a lock on it once I let them know about this, which must have been a mistake, so I broke it off of there one time (they subsequently swapped it with another bin, and I have chosen not to break this one as well).

But that is not the subject of this story. The other night I was awakened from my slumber by the sound of the dog food bins crashing on the floor. Someone (I'm not sure who, because I was asleep, but I have my theories) knocked the dog food bins over... and they of course spilled much of their contents onto the floor. I am sure this is partially because of the weakened bottom bin, which no longer provides a very stable base for the "tower of treats." Oddly enough, the humans either didn't hear it, or didn't care, because they did not come out to investigate.

And this is why I said something wonderful almost happened. I was locked up in my pen. It would have been truly wonderful, miraculous even, if I had been loose. Still, I have many reasons to be pleased with this occurrence.
  • Since the bins fell right in front of Sabrina's pen, she intimidated the other dogs so that they did not get any snacks, either. She got whatever she could get through the pen, but that was it... and she had to watch my agent clean it up in the morning.
  • Now that I have seen it can be done, I can try to repeat the occurrence at some point when the humans leave me loose in the kitchen while they are outside or something.
  • As I said, I was sleeping so I don't know who did it... but I'll bet it was that dumb wolfhound Brogan, trying to frame me again, forgetting that there was no way the humans could possibly have suspected me, since I was in my pen! I am still chuckling over that thought.

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