Monday, April 23, 2007

An Estrela's work is never done.

The invaders attempting to disturb my realm are increasing daily during this spring season.

Yesterday a pesky young yellow lab showed up on my front doorstep barking his head off. My agent, for some reason, felt it would be better to hang on to him while looking for his owner. Now, an Estrela would never be "lost" (even when we temporarily leave our homes) but apparently the same is not true for Labrador retrievers, otherwise he never would have ignored my warning barks and entered my realm.

Let me tell you, I do not care for this intruder. He barks a lot (the job of the Estrelas) and he is quite... energetic. My agent has placed a 'found' ad in the newspaper and hopefully he will be claimed... and soon.

Secondly there was a gigantic snapping turtle heading towards my pond tonight. I do not need any ducks bitten in half, and I don't want my agent to get injured when he gets his waders on and goes in there to clean out the pond. I like turtles, especially Myrtle (I haven't heard from her in a while!) but not snappers!

Now, I am brave but I am not stupid, and I'm not going to deal directly with a snapping turtle (not to mention it was not within reach of my kennel). When my agent came outside to move me inside in the face of an impending rainstorm (I don't know why he bothers with that, because I like the rain), I warned him by barking. Ok, so I always bark when he comes out, so he might have missed the significance of that particular bark, but then he walked right by it (he couldn't miss it). He herded it into a box and took it away somewhere. Hopefully to a painful snapping-turtle death, but more likely back to the creek from whence it came (hopefully downstream).

And last but certainly not least were the toads. There were a few out by the garage including one trying to get into my exercise area. And Batata tells me one actually tried to get into the house. Luckily she was on guard. Without me being inside as much these days, I have to rely on her Estrela-ness to protect the humans against this type of threat (the big dumb wolfhounds are no help in that regard).

There are some new pics of Batata (including some of her playing with me) in her gallery.


Anonymous said...

Batata is an Estrela??? With that muzzle and all that white ? LOL

Champion Bart the Estrela Prince said...

Instead of just deleting this unkind comment, I would like to address it with a response: once a bully, always a bully. Satan is in your heart. My humans will pray for your soul.


Anonymous said...

What a poor pathetic excuse for a comment by the "brave" original commenter.

Mr. Bart, I submit to you that your owners should not pray for their soul.

What a time waster to pray for that which does not exist.

I'm surprised they spelled Estrela correctly as they obviously know nothing about Estrelas.

I believe what you have here is a troll. This 'person' probably envisions themselves as an elite hacker, when in reality they spend their time behind a keyboard, probably in their parents basement, vainly attempting to belittle others. They are the little person who like The Grinch has a heart that is three sizes too small. Altho that may be an overly generous assumption. It is easy to misjudge the size of something so small and insignificant as a troll's heart.

A sad attempt by an obviously misguided fool, who probably would not know an Estrela Mountain Dog from the Serra da Estrela (look it up troll beast).

This all being said, and knowing how trolls behave, you more than likely will never hear from that 'person' again. The troll is most likely already back under its rock. Trolls like living in the dark, it enhances their ignorance.

So Bart say hello to Batata for me and tell her that if she ever sees a troll - Bite it in the ass!

The Director Of Evil

Champion Bart the Estrela Prince said...

My humans have empathy for the poor trolls, Director of Evil. Trolls/bullies are generally people with some emotional issues caused by a variety of things. Many just feel unloved. Of course, I cannot imagine it myself as I have never felt unloved or had the need to hurt someone by being unkind.

I can assure my readers that Batata is pure Estrela and very loved by all that know her. When I told Batata of the unkind comments she said I should say "Don't hate me because I am beautiful."