Thursday, May 17, 2007

Batata Training update #3

Batata is a quick study. Over the weekend, Batata was sent to be with me for some instruction on how to properly guard the ducks. I was a little disappointed as she was not interested in heckling the ducks at all. I mean, when I heckle the ducks it is just for fun, not because I would actually harm them. Batata just watched them. What fun is there in that?

We had a good amount of time to have a little chat about the pleasures of stealing things off the counters, ESPECIALLY sponges and towels. I am happy to report that my youngest apprentice has destroyed her first sponge. You go, girl! Okay, that is enough Batata admiration. Everyone focus back on me.

Speaking of me, I must say that I am need of a bath and a good grooming. Normally I don't care for such foo-foo activities but with the warmer weather coming I am ready for a good shed! Plus, if my favorite human decides to take me to the groomers instead of doing it herself, I will command lots of attention with my Estrela mind powers. I am worshipped by the humans in the grooming shop. It's all lovely dovey ear scratching and treats for good ole Bart. What Estela would want to pass that up?

This weekend I must make preparations for our upcoming delivery of ducklings. My favorite human has ordered 14 babies to add to the flock. I hope we get more ducks than drakes. That means more eggs for moi. Of course we have eggs now but Thelma and Louise can't keep up with the demand of all the egg loving canines in my realm. Unfortunately our new ducks won't lay until next sping. Maybe we should find some chickens.

Well, that's it for now. I need to keep an eye on that yellow lab interloper. I think he's trying to make a permanent stay here.


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