Monday, June 20, 2005

Something orange with black stripes

Last night I spotted yet another danger in my realm.

It seems that my humans spent a great deal of time bringing containers of items (many of them looking tasty or at least chewable) into the room where I am not supposed to go (but still do). They rearranged the items into new containers and took many of them outside -- I suspect they took them to an animal shelter for less-fortunate dogs to chew on, which is an admirable idea, but one for which they shall pay dearly when the time is right. Some of the items are still visible though. And one of them makes me very nervous.

It is orange with black stripes. I have seen it often pictured along with a yellowish creature who eats a lot of honey, a pink one with a striped shirt, and a gray one that kind of reminds me of the wolfhounds.

This item sings and dances in a most frightening manner. It always sings the same song over and over, as if to hypnotize the children. And indeed, the children do appear hypnotized by it. The girl likes to sit her stuffed duck where it can watch, too.

The human adults seem to be annoyed by this creature but still allow the children to be bound by its spell. To be honest, perhaps it has some subliminal abilities which are keeping both the humans and me from stopping its diabolical plans.

As soon as I get the chance, I shall chew on it until it is powerless.

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