Sunday, June 12, 2005

Update from Myrtle

My humans spotted Myrtle patroling the perimeter of the grassy part of my realm yesterday (that might not be the best job for a turtle). She was no doubt trying to keep our yard free from those dastardly enemies, the toads. In good news, there were no sign of those blood-sucking leeches my humans removed from her as a goodwill gesture. I must say, those were very distasteful creatures. Even my ducks would not eat them and ducks will eat June bugs!

I was watching from my favorite spot as my humans were using these machines called lawnmowers and I had a perfectly brilliant idea!!!!! I think these things could be used to fling toads off my property!!! Now, if I could just figure out how to use these contraptions, all would be well in my realm.

Today it has been especially challenging to be an Estrela Mountain Dog. First, it's hot here. I dislike hot days. Second, the new neighbors are having a picnic. Someone will need to inform them that they need my express written permission to do so. After all, I am just beginning to figure out who is supposed to be there and who is not. I think they are trying to confuse me. So, each and every time I am outside I will bark, bark, bark in their general direction as a reminder that they better stay on their own side of the property line.

Estrela Mountain Dogs are not really prone to complaining but I must admit the humidity makes me rather hot under the collar (pun intended). Time to hog the spot in front of the big fan my humans have running. Look out wolfhounds, the king of all breeds is coming!


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