Monday, June 06, 2005

Two new creatures spotted in my realm

Over the weekend, my keen Estrela eyes spotted two new intruders near my pond. I am trying to decide whether they are friend or foe:

(I took that one in super-telephoto mode, sorry it's so blurry). After getting this photo I barked to scare him away but I've heard stories about the great bird with the long beak, so he may try to come back again. He looks like he could eat toads, so he may be a good ally to enlist in my fight.

And in the next installment of my "super-closeups of amphibians" series,

I'm pretty sure he is not a toad in disguise. You can tell by looking at that ant on his nose. He is in a real Zen moment, completely ignoring the tasty food right on his body. Toads don't have that kind of self-control (well, I don't think Estrela Mountain Dogs do either, but that's beside the point).

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